Nightshift International

Green Hills

Afternoon slot

Meeting place


By the lake

(The Dancehouse 2018)

(The Manchester Contemporary 2018)


Nightshift International is a contemporary collaborative, founded by Sarah Boulter & Elliott Flanagan. Working with performance and video installation, the duo explore broken communication, budget decadence and modern living by way of late 20th century iconography, creating the polished and poignantly familiar surface of a made for TV world. Flanagan searches for glimpses of honesty in the chaos of fractured masculinity and marks the value of camaraderie and the communal experience. He explores a tension in male self expression between one’s own consciousness and social expectation. His work neatly complements Boulter’s fascination with ritual, repetition and routine, private and public performance and the aspirational appeal of the ultra-feminine. Nightshift International pursue the reassuringly mundane and recreate seemingly banal interactions via unresolvable, off kilter on-screen relationships. They study public space, intimacy, expectation, disappointment and loss glossed with a light entertainment sheen.