No Mercury 

Seahorse Skeleton

Raphael Mura with visuals by Lizz Brady

(The Dancehouse 2018)


Inspired by Portland musician and visual artist Liz Harris, and 70’s finger picking guitarist John Fahey, as well as the view over a sea of red roof tops from Raphael’s ex top floor bedroom window, the music and projections depict the themes of meditation, transportation of the self. The four music pieces narrate the story of a castaway lost at sea who lands on a ghost island in the middle of nowhere. The protagonist, forced to deal with his own thoughts, faces the challenging and unsettling impermanence of a lost soul’s life day by day. His constantly evolving thought process (each song) shifts from hopeful and dreamlike, to meditative, inquisitive and angry, as he reflects upon his lonesome experience and his discontentment with society, coexisting in parallel, far away world from him.