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REIGN Street Party
Longsight Art Space_REIGN Street Party_Chris Bailkoski.jpg
Longsight Art Space_REIGN Street Party2_Chris Bailkoski.jpg.jpg
Crowcroft Park_Flower Mandala by Nadia Sultana and Nikita Gill2_Chris Bailkoski.jpg
Crowcroft Park Street Party_Chris Bailkoski.jpg
Crowcroft Park_Flower Mandala by Nadia Sultana and Nikita Gill_Chris Bailkoski.jpg
Longsight Art Space_Fertile Grounds Exhibition_Chris Bailkoski.jpg
Longsight Art Space_Fertile Grounds Exhibition2_Chris Bailkoski.jpg



​We Partied in Sun and Rain!

To celebrate the opening of our new exhibition Fertile Grounds, we held a Street Party called REIGN on 04.06.2022, our largest project to date at Longsight Art Space.


REIGN was a multi-generational celebration which included a procession from Longsight Art Space through Northmoor Road and onto Crowcroft Park where a Flower Mandala sculpture was created from a design by Nadia Sultana with Nikita Gill for the day celebrating the national flower of Barbados and traditional henna patterns.


In the lead up to REIGN we held regular workshops through May: 

Sunday Sound Session 

A mindful auditory workshop where we will consider the influence of the ocean wave, of winds that rush, and the conch horn that signals a call home.

Taste of the Carib

A Seat at Our Table, to break bread and share in the joy of Caribbean food with a distinctly Mancunian flare 

Presented by Knights BBQ 

Supported by A Modest Show

Let Your Ancestors See You Dance

“Move with Me to the beat of my Drum” - Soca, inspired by the Godfather of Calypso Lord Shorty, is a rhythm that is inspired by Africa and East Asia. We will raise our heartbeats, fill our lungs and be joyful.

Presented by Carnival Queen Rachel Daniel & Nikita Gill 

Adorn Leeward

Collective expression, mindful painting practices - Looking at the beautiful ways African and East Asian countries inspire one another creatively. Henna workshops with patterns created influencing the larger Flower Mandala in Crowcroft Park.

Presented by Nadia Sultana & Nikita Gill

Main Image credit:

Street Party Procession

Photography: Chris Bailkoski

Model: Rachel Daniel

Costume Construction: @k_created

Carnival Queen of @wer1mas family 

Produced by Chris Bailkoski 

with Chi Emecheta

Angela Ankeli

Kat Hale

Our Volunteers: Rowan Alpin, Carly Bainbridge, Diana Cardos, Alicia Corbett, Kate Jesson, Pauline Taylor-Greenwood, Andrea Taylor-Haynes, Bilal Zafar Ranjha and Maxine Young-Saunders​​

Supported by A Modest Show​, Manchester City Council and Great Places

We are in the process of creating an archive of REIGN which will appear here soon.

All images Chris Bailkoski 

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