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Samir Salim

Samir Salim

Exhibition Extended!

Private View: 08.06.2023 5pm-8pm
Exhibition continues: 09.06.2023 – 02

Opening times: Tuesday to Saturday 10am – 4pm

Longsight Art Space proudly presents artworks from artist Samir Salim in his

first large scale solo exhibition. Samir is an artist whose work references art history and explores complex subjects through painting and collage. Utilising his personal experience of non-Western art practices of pattern making and calligraphy, Salim repeatedly paints multiple designs which are then cut and pasted onto canvas to create vibrant and colourful paintings. Covering figurative and abstract artforms we are delighted to present these paintings for Samir’s first major survey. 
About the artist
Samir Salim is a self-taught emerging artist passionate about art from the Renaissance period (between 14thto 17th Centuries) and remoulding his inspirations into paintings using patterns and collages. Samir’s work combines these older styles and artforms and reinterprets them to explore complex themes from his unique perspective including our everyday lives, religion and beauty. For Samir, these themes are often at odds with each other, and this is evident in his use of the multiple patterns overlaid to clash in his paintings. 

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