PROFORMA X Begehungen Residency Programme

Developing the twin city relationship between Manchester and Chemnitz, PROFORMA and Begehungen have created an annual artist and curator residency programme which explores ideas of remoteness, duality and interconnectedness through inhabiting digital and physical realms.

Rethinking the notion of residency as an often singular and solitary activity, our PROFORMA X Begehungen Residency Programme multiplies the potential of twinning as a creative act with artists, curators and organisations collaborating across a number of sites to create site responsive artwork and exhibitions.

Created in 2019, this year PROFORMA X Begehungen will simultaneously host two artists residencies digitally and physically at Islington Mill, Greater Manchester and the former Altendorf freight station, Chemnitz.

Chris Alton - Long-heim & Thal-sight

PROFORMA X Begehungen 2022


Exhibition: 12th-14th August 11pm-5pm

Opening night: 11th August 5pm-8pm

Chris' residency will take place at Longsight Art Space from 11th July - 10th August

Workshops: 22nd July 12pm-3pm & 30th July 3pm-6pm. Book here

Chris has undertaken a remote residency at Longsight Art Space in Manchester, UK. As part of his residency, Chris devised a series of prompts and workshops, which encouraged people to explore their local areas, consider the histories of place names, and imagine alternative uses for unoccupied or abandoned places. These actions have manifested themselves in posters, models, and communication with local representatives.

When planning his residency, Chris took inspiration from China Miéville's novel 'The City & the City', which features two cities that occupy the same physical space simultaneously. The novel led Chris to think about possible commonalities between Longsight and Thalheim, and what might emerge from these overlaps.

The results of Chris's residency will be presented simultaneously at Longsight Art Space in Manchester and Begehungen in Thalheim.

Chris Alton is an artist & curator, based in Manchester, UK. His practice spans a range of media and approaches, including; socially engaged projects, video essays, textile banners, and publications. In 2012 he founded English Disco Lovers (EDL), an anti-fascist, pro-disco group. Other projects include; Adam Speaks (With New Mouths) (2017), a neoclassical treehouse commissioned by the National Trust; and What Mortals Henceforth Shall Our Power Adore (2020), a video essay that frames the trident as a symbol of colonial intent. Each of his projects addresses an array of interconnected social, political, economic and environmental concerns. Chris is also an active member of the Quaker community and a skateboarder.

Chris was a participant in Syllabus III, an alternative, peer-led, learning programme (2017-18). Exhibitions & commissions include; The slabs whistle; a song under my wheels, KARST & Take A Part (2022); Throughout the Fragment of Infinity That We Have Come to Know, The NewBridge Project, Gateshead (2020); Link & Shift, Eastside Projects, Birmingham (2019); Survey, BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art; Bluecoat, Liverpool; g39, Cardiff; & Jerwood Space, London (2018-19); Bloomberg New Contemporaries, South London Gallery; & Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool Biennial (2018-19); Adam Speaks, The National Trust, Croome, Worcestershire (2017); and Outdancing Formations, Edith-Russ-Haus, Oldenburg (2015).​ 


After the Revolution They Built an Art School Over the Golf Course, Textiles. Chris Alton, 2017

The artists for our 2021 residencies were Nicola Dale and Parham Ghalamdar.

Nicola Dale

Nicola's residency explored how idleness gives time a different shape; how the hologram gives the body a different shape and how the remote residency gives space a different shape.

Nicola Dale

Echo Chambers (animation still) Nicola Dale 2021

Parham Ghalamdar

During the Proforma X Begenhungen residency, Parham will use the opportunity to research the relationship between painting and the digital within the context of lockdown, physical absence, and non-productive times. He will train the AI engine to create still and moving images based on studying images of oil paintings. As the result, the responsibility and production are shifted.


AI generated painting from research, Parham Ghalamdar 2021

2020 Christian Selent

Christian Selent was a recipient of a month-long remote residency at Working Class Movement Library and researched their archive to create Idle Thoughts for our LOITER exhibition.


Idle Thoughts – Christian Selent 2021

Lizz Brady

Lizz Brady was the first recipient to take part in our Remote Residency as a response to COVID-19 with artists remaining in their own cities and creating new artwork for what would have been the host city for the residency. For the installation New Means Worse, Brady created a vessel to discover Chemnitz and for those in the physical exhibition to discover the artist.

Lizz Brady

New Means Worse – Lizz Brady 2020

2019 Elliott Flanagan

PROFORMA selected artist Elliott Flanagan for the inaugural PROFORMA X Begehungen.

Screen Shot 2021-07-02 at 03.46.16.png

Lustre - Elliott Flanagan 2019